nurturing design relationships


Co.banana practices experimental design to generates an inclusive dialogue about social design practice.


What is Co.banana?

Co.banana develops and delivers internationally focussed design research and learning opportunities for communities, governments, and industry to rebuild trust between institutions and society. Rather than delivering generic design training, Co.banana conducts research which bridges the everyday design practices of individuals with the grand socio-political structures of governments, institutions, organisations and corporations. In this way, a bespoke learning programme can be developed which builds genuinely collaborative design relationships based on a critique of existing design practices. Fundamentally, as the world searches for ways to navigate increased complexity and uncertainty, Co.banana believes that the practices of imagining alternative and sustainable futures should be done in more democratic and inclusive ways, and in recognition of its diversity.

Who am I?

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Victoria Gerrard is a freelance designer, artist and researcher who lives between London, Singapore and India. While her practice experiments with design based ethnography as an approach to developing new design relationships, her research seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the socio-political mechanisms driving such relationships. Victoria started Co.banana to provide a pragmatically radical space to improve design relationships toward more collaborative social transformation.

Interested in improving design relationships?

Please get in touch if you’re interested to develop more inclusive design relationships with the users of you products, services, spaces or policies. Whether you are looking to do some research to understand how you can be more inclusive; or would like some training or mentoring in different approaches to participatory design; or you need some help to develop a more inclusive design strategy for your organisation, I’d be happy to talk and see how I can help.